Roost Laptop Stand Review: Great or a Waste of Money???

07 Nov Roost Laptop Stand Review: Great or a Waste of Money???

Roost laptop stand review

Neat view huh?

At the start of this year I bought something that has made my laptop lifestyle a lot easier, so I thought I’d do a Roost Laptop Stand review on this amazingly cool little piece of equipment!

In late 2015 I saw a Facebook ad about this laptop stand that would help your posture…

I instantly checked it out because my laptop was currently sitting on top of a cardboard box…not the coolest of stands…

At the time the stand was being crowd funded on Kickstarter.

I’d never bought anything off Kickstarter but as soon as I saw this thing and how much it was going to help me, I put up my money to help fund the making of them.

I did this fully knowing that it would be at least 3-6 months before I actually received it…. this is just how Kickstarter works.

Now, you don’t have to do that thankfully, you can just get it here on Amazon.

This stand was called the Roost Laptop Stand and was designed to hold your laptop at head height when seated to save on neck and shoulder pain from looking down at your screen all the time.

I was getting a lot of this pain since a laptop sits so low, hence the cardboard box…

Watch the video below or keep reading the blog post

The Roost Laptop Stand Review

Roost laptop stand review

So if you want better posture alignment and want to look after your neck then the Roost Laptop Stand is for you.

This thing is awesome. I just have to say that up front.

First of all, it’s so small and compact and weighs in at about 164 grams. Told you, super light.

It comes in a little bag (I don’t bother using it though) and folds up incredibly small (See the video above for an actual explanation of how the Roost Laptop Stand works).

So being this small and compact allows it to slide into a very tiny hole in your backpack or laptop bag.

The next cool thing is it has 3 height adjustable positions.

This total range of movement is around 5cm or 2 inches (roughly).

Roost laptop stand review

Now this actually doesn’t sound like much, but trust me it’s actually a lot and really makes a difference to the height of your laptop.

So this brings it up to a great height where you can adjust it to one of the 3 positions and then if you have to, you can adjust your chair (not that you’ll need it).

Do you need anything else with the Roost Laptop Stand?

Obviously if you have your laptop on the stand, then you’re going to need a separate keyboard and a mouse.

For me personally I use a Logitec keyboard and mouse combo and it works fine.

Roost laptop stand review

It does take batteries but at least it only takes up one USB port.

You can get those 2 here on Amazon.

So if you put this all together you have one sweet work station!

I honestly love it and it’s saved my neck and shoulders a lot of pain so far.

And it’s such a small size and weight that you can carry it in your bag without really noticing that it’s there.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this Roost Laptop stand review, hopefully it’s inspired you to start thinking about what damage you may be doing to your neck and shoulders over time by looking down at your screen.

Get the Roost Laptop stand here on Amazon and the Logitec keyboard and mouse here on Amazon here to.


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