Modafinil Review: What Did It Do To Me – Should You Take The Risk?

01 Sep Modafinil Review: What Did It Do To Me – Should You Take The Risk?

Modafinil ReviewIn this blog I wanted to do a modafinil review for you and show you my exact experience with modafinil so far and what kind of effects it has had.

If you’ve ever watched the movie; ‘Limitless’, then you’ll know the drug that the main character uses in the movie.

(Watch the scene where he takes the pill for the first time here).

It’s a drug (an illegal one- the one he takes), that enhances all his senses so he can basically become super human.

As he discovers the drug and what it can do, he makes millions of dollars on the stock market, becomes a nicer person, a better writer….you get the picture.

Really, it just gives him a MASSIVE advantage over everyone.

So in the real world, the closest legal drug to this, is Modafinil.

Watch the video on my Modafinil review below

I’ve been personally using Modafinil for well over a year and I can say that I am a big advocate of it, hence why I wanted to do this Modafinil review.

You can order it online (I get mine from here, cheapest and quickest delivery online that I’ve found) and get it to your door quite quick, depending on where you live.

So what exactly does Modafinil do for you?

Alt='Modafinil Review'Well here it goes: I have tons more focus, a lot more concentration, I hustle 10X harder and get a shit load of work done!

And I’m not even joking.

Basically I feel what it does, is narrows your focus (more than you already have) and gives you tunnel vision on EXACTLY what it is that you REALLY need to be doing.

Which is basically what the movie portrays the drug as being (even though this is a different drug).

If I have a big project and need to really smash out a ton of work, then Modafinil is my choice of what to use.

Alt='Modafinil Review'So what kind of side effects does it have?

Well there are a few…

1. I get headaches when I use it. Not vicious headaches but they are there.

2. I usually need to pee a lot. This isn’t all the time, but most times I use it I have to go at least once per hour.

3. I find that I can’t get to sleep like I usually would at night.

Usually within 5-10 minutes of my head hitting the pillow, I am fully asleep.

But when I’m using Modafinil it usually takes an hour or so, sometimes less.

BUT keep in mind, I go to bed very early, usually 8pm, or sometimes 9pm.

So this may not affect you if go to bed later at night.

So after all that, is it still worth it?

In my opinion, absolutely yes.

I am already quite the hustler (I think anyway), but with Modafinil, I feel like I can conquer so much more that it seems silly to NOT use it!

So like I said, if you have some big project or just want to smash out a heap of work, then I highly recommend it.

So how much does Modafinil cost?

Well of course it depends on where you buy it but from, but where I buy it, it ranges from around $0.60 per tablet to just under $2.00 per tablet.

Get Modafinil here. (Where I get it).

The more you buy, obviously the cheaper it is.

So will I keep taking Modafinil?

Yes of course!

I love it and I love the focus I get when using it. Not to mention the sheer amount of work I get done when using it.

If you want to get Modafinil where I get it then check it out here.

I hope you enjoyed this Modafinil review and when you try it, tell me how awesome it was for you to!



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