Kindle Publishing Tips: 5 Tips for Publishing Beginners

05 Jul Kindle Publishing Tips: 5 Tips for Publishing Beginners

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5 Kindle Publishing Tips

I know what it’s like to start out in the publishing world without all the knowledge that you need. Therefore I thought I’d do a post on 5 kindle publishing tips that all beginners could use.

If you can shorten your learning curve in any way, then you should take it.

So let’s get into it.

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#1 – Find your niche and spend a lot of time doing it

I’ve talked a lot about finding the right niche and it really is just so important. You can cut down how much money and time you spend doing activities that just aren’t the best use of your time or money.

Now to do this I recommend you really do spend a good amount of time on this.

Remember, this is where you’re going to be pouring your hard earned cash and if you do it to many times in unprofitable niches, then you’re going to lose motivation.

So get in the trenches and immerse yourself in the kindle world for a little while first before you jump in to quick.

Now I’m all for jumping in head first, but some proper instruction and guidance are always a good idea first.

A small tip: I recently found an add-on for Chrome that makes browsing niches a whole lot quicker and easier.

It’s called AMZ Seller Browser. Check it out.

It makes searching books so much quicker and easier.


#2 – Don’t spend too much money on your first books

I see this so often. People spend a decent amount of money on a book and then it doesn’t sell and then they put more money into it!

It’s madness.

As long as you start off with a decent cover, title and some reviews, then you will get an idea of whether your book is in a good niche and it’s going to sell or not.

So instead of getting a massive book written straight up, just get a small to medium size book written with a decent cover.

This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to start out.

So just do a little over the minimum and then if the book does sell well, then that is when you put more money into it.


#3 – Get a good cover designer or spend a little more

Now you might think this goes against what I just said, but ONLY do this once the book is selling.

You want to have a good designer in your corner for all your book covers.

And if you want to spend a little more then great, do it. Just make sure that your book is selling first.

Alt='Kindle Publishing Tips'

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#4 – Use good descriptive words in your title

I see a lot of very boring and unattractive subtitles used on some books.

You need to think like you’re a buyer and want to buy a book.

What would you buy? What stands out to you?

Try using more descriptive words in your subtitle.

Verbs, action words etc…

These are far more exciting to readers if used in the right way.

I always take note of subtitles that stand out to me. I save them or make notes as to why they stood out.

I also look at my own competition in my niche and ask myself “How can I make my book stand out more?”


#5 – Keep trying – you’ll keep getting better

I always say; ‘Keep on trying’.

It might sound very ordinary but the more you immerse yourself, the better off you’ll be.

The more time you are on Amazon looking around, then the more you will learn.

It’s mandatory. There is no substitute for TIME spent doing this.

Put in the time and it will reward you in the future.

Keep. On. Learning.

I hope these kindle publishing tips were able to help you and give you an insight if you’re just beginning in the Amazon space.

I know when I started it was a lot harder and there wasn’t as much information around as there is now.

So take advantage of it and get learning!



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