Kindle Publishing Tips: 2 Ways to LEGITMATELY 2X Your KENP Pages Read

28 Aug Kindle Publishing Tips: 2 Ways to LEGITMATELY 2X Your KENP Pages Read

Alt='Kindle Publishing Tips'A great way to add another extra income stream to your kindle publishing business is by getting more pages read in your books. So I thought I’d give you 2 kindle publishing tips on how to double or triple your pages read!

So the term that Amazon uses for pages read is actually KENP. It stands for Kindle Edition Normalized Pages.

Basically you get paid for each paid read in your book/s.

Now the actual rate per page is very minimal but it can add up, especially if you have a decent sized library of books.

The rate per page hovers around the $0.041-0.050 per page which is roughly a half a cent per page.

So it’s not a lot, but like I said, if you can get enough pages read, it can add up.

I also want to stress that these are LEGITIMATE ways to increase your pages read.

Not long ago, there was a lot of publishers trying to do all sorts of dodgy things to cheat the system and get MASSIVE amounts of pages read.

And they did, but Amazon soon cracked down on it.

So just keep in mind that you always want to increase your readers experience of reading your book.

Watch the video below or read the blog post:

Number 1 tip:

So my number one tip is to get your book translated into another language.

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people that still visit Amazon and are looking for books in their language.

Good languages to start off with are Indian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese etc… These are countries with huge populations that shop online.

Now to find out if this was ok, I emailed Amazon and they said that it was, BUT there a few caveats to this.

First of all you can’t use translating software like Google to translate your document. You have to actually get someone fluent in the language to translate it.

This is because software translators are not 100% accurate.

The other caveat is that the translated version of the book must be at the end of the English version of your book.

BUT, if I were you I would email Amazon and ask for sure because it seems like you get a different answer from different customer service reps.

This is a great way to really add a lot of value to your book and your reader…

You’ll also want to make sure that you mention the fact that the book is in another language in the books description so that everyone knows about it when buying your book.

This also gives your book an advantage over competitors books as well.

(See my 8 other ways to get 2X your pages read here).

Number 2 tip:

So, number 2 tip is to have a FREE offer for your readers.

What I mean by this is to have an irresistable offer at the start of your book that entices your reader to want to download your offer.

BUT, for your reader to claim the offer, they must go to the end of the book to get that offer where you supply a link for them to visit.

If you’re not at least starting an email list then go start now! For you to last long term in publishing you need to do this.

So basically your offer could be anything that is a no-brainer for someone to claim…

Something like an alternative ending (if it’s a fiction book), a free cheat sheet, maybe a free book or collection of books, a free video series etc etc…. you get the idea.

Either way to get readers to claim your offer, you want to make it easy and something that they’d be stupid not to claim.

By offering that free offer, people will want to actually read your book and reach the free offer at the end.

This way, again, you are adding massive value to your precious readers.

Just remember value, value, value.

So that’s it. That’s my 2 kindle publishing tips have that have the potential to either 2X or 3X your KENP kindle pages read and earn a little extra money from your books.

I know they work and add value because I have tried them.

If you want to check out my 8 other ways to earn more money from pages read in your books, then you can check out the video course I put together of 10 ways to 3X your KENP in the next few weeks.

You can check it out here:

Kindle Publishing: 10 Ways to 3X Your KENP Pages Read

If you implement even a few of the legitimate strategies I mention in the course, then you’ll make your money back within a few weeks!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed that, keep pushing forward, having fun and keep improving!



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