Kindle Publishing Success: 4 Things I’m Doing Differently This Year

17 Jul Kindle Publishing Success: 4 Things I’m Doing Differently This Year

Kindle Publishing SuccessIf you’re after some kindle publishing success in 2016 then your strategy needs to be a little different than it has been over the last few years.

This is especially true if you want to grow your publishing business.

This year I am focused on several different strategies that I wanted to share with you so that I can have even more kindle publishing success and in turn, that will help you out to!

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  1. Less books, more quality

    So this strategy is one I’ve adopted before but now I am reducing the amount of books I put out and spending more on getting better quality books written.

    This I think is a far better strategy and is a heck of a lot easier to manage!

    Because when you’re publishing a tonne of books a month it gets quite hectic and because I have other projects as well, I can’t devote quite as much time to it as I was before.

    So now I’m focused on far less books but making them more professional and trying to give the reader a better user experience.

  2. Building out author profiles

    This is an easier one and not one that requires to much work but I had a few of my author profiles that weren’t really that great looking.

    Some had average photos so I’ve been fixing them up and making them look a lot more professional and more appealing.

    I think this is something that a lot of newbie publishers tend to forget and although not the most important thing in publishing it is something that needs to be addressed as soon as you can.Alt='Kindle Publishing Success'

  3. Better covers – More professional look

    When I look back at some of my previous covers from when I started out doing kindle publishing, I nearly cry at how bad they look!

    I had no concept of what really looked that good and cheaped out to much on the pictures and design etc…

    So now I’ve really picked up the design of my book covers with just a complete, all-round better design. Some of books have a certain design that I keep to, others I let my designer do what they think will look best.

    You definitely want to be doing this as well.

    Make sure to look at my Kindle Marketing course here if you want some tips on cover design and complete marketing of your books on Amazon (course is FREE!)

  4. Making some books free

    Now this is something I’m just delving into now.

    Basically the idea of this has a few good points:

  • If the book is free then it should rank higher, therefore hopefully getting more Create Space sales.
  • This also exposes my book to more people and should help build my email list.
  • Plus it might even get people more interested in my pen name, which hopefully leads them into buying other books by the same pen name.So you can see there is some good points to this.But the thing is though, you can’t just make your book free on Amazon.You have to first un-enroll your book in KDP Select (and wait for that period to run out) and then list the book on another site like Smashwords or Kobo.Then you have to email Amazon and ask them to ‘match’ the price of the book which is now on another site.

    It’s not quite as straight forward as this and since I’m only experimenting with this right now, I’ll report back in the coming months as to how this develops.

Anyway that’s the 4 things I’m doing this year to hopefully bring me some more kindle publishing success!

Obviously I am doing numerous other small things to, but this is some of the main things I’m up to.

I really hope you take notice of these and if you haven’t thought about these things then maybe you need to try or at least experiment with them to.

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