Kindle Publishing: The Only 3 Things You Need To Concentrate On

23 Jan Kindle Publishing: The Only 3 Things You Need To Concentrate On

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So as we go into a new year (2017) I want to keep sharing with you ways to succeed with kindle publishing.

More often than not, people try to get too complicated with things. They start trying to do tricks and things to make more money or make things easier.

And if you’re a beginner then there is a lot of ‘noise’ out there.

I endeavour to keep things simple. The more simple you make it then people will take more action right?

That’s what I want for you. To be an action taker.

So these 3 things that you need to concentrate on with your kindle publishing business are things that are the basically the 80/20 rule of business (and life).

And that is that roughly 20% of your actions will result in 80% of your outcomes.

In other words 20% of what you’re doing is getting the majority of your income/results.

So if you can only do these 3 things with your publishing business then you will be well on track to success.

These are what I believe are the most important things to focus on. If you can’t do anything else for whatever reason, then focus on these 3 things.

Watch the video below or keep reading:

So what are they? Here they are:

No. 1: Your title and subtitle

Your title and subtitle are the most important thing in ranking your book. As long as you have the right keywords that is.

A lot of publishers are just coming up with random titles without even considering the keywords, how they are placed or how they are used.

So be sure to always make your title your MAIN keyword and be sure to get at least 1 (if possible) keyword into your subtitle.

This helps get your book in front of peoples eyes, helps the algorithm rank your book and takes us to the next factor in making sales…


No. 2: Your book cover

Now that your book is ranking because you’ve used great keywords and placed them in the right places, the next best thing is to make sure you have a great book cover.

And not just a great book cover but one that looks better than the competition and grabs your viewers attention.

Be sure to analyse other books in your niche. What grabs your attention? What looks great? What looks crap?

Even though we shouldn’t, most people do judge a book (at least in some respect) by it’s cover. So make sure it looks great.


No. 3: Book reviews

Now you’ve got a book that’s ranking, getting seen by at least some people, it’s getting clicks because you’ve got an awesome cover, now you want to prove to people that it’s a book worth buying because you’ve got reviews.

Reviews are social proof. Proof that your book is worth your readers attention to buy.

Don’t neglect this. Whenever you publish a book, be sure to ask people for reviews.

Don’t bash around the bush, tell them that it will literally take 30 seconds of their time but it will help you immensely.

Reviews are the lifeblood of your book and you can’t control them. Obviously you want to make sure your book is as good as it can be so you don’t get bad reviews.

But no matter how good your book is, there will always be someone that doesn’t like it. Don’t worry about it, it happens.

There will always be haters. It’s your job to make the book as good as it can be.


BONUS No. 4: Promotion

So I said there was 3 things that are the most important. And they are.

But if you can do this 4th one then it will give your books a little extra boost.

And that is promotion. Promoting your books is pretty easy these days with software (I use these guys), virtual assistants and the like.

But sometimes you just don’t have the budget or the time if you’re bootstrapping and doing it yourself.

But if you can get your books onto some social media sites and into some book directories, then it will help with extra downloads and clicks.

But look, if you do the other 3 things right then you’re going to get downloads anyway.

Now obviously I would rather you do everything that makes a great book, but if you can only do the minimum, then do these 3 things.

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