Kindle Publishing In 2016: What Should You Be Focusing On?

05 Jun Kindle Publishing In 2016: What Should You Be Focusing On?

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Me, blogging in Cebu, the Philippines a few years ago

So we’re about half way through the year and I thought I’d do an update on what you should be focusing on with kindle publishing in 2016.

Over the last 9 months or so quite a bit has changed in the kindle publishing world and some things that you could do before, have changed a little.

Later in 2015 Amazon made a change to how publishers and authors get paid on the kindle book borrowing program.

Instead of paying a one-unit price per book, they changed it to per-pages read.

Now this affected a lot of peoples income, mine included and caused a lot of backlash among the Amazon publishing community.

I’d say it dropped my income by about 25% or so, it was quite a big drop and of course a bit alarming.

But as we know, Amazon is a platform and we don’t have 100% control over it, which is something we always need to remember.

But that’s another post for another day…

So how have things changed with kindle publishing in 2016?

Well let’s take a look at the things I think you need to be focusing on.

Of course you still need to be focusing on the major things like producing quality books, promoting them strongly and being better than the competition but there are a few extra things I think you need to be looking at in 2016.

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  1. Doing more Create Space books and ACX

    I only started doing Create Space books at the start of the year as I was focusing on other things at the time. But physical books seem to have become popular again.

    So far I’ve published maybe around 50-70 books on Create Space over the last few months and it’s cool to see another income stream slowly build up, even if it is all tied to a book on Amazon.

    So that’s something you definitely want to be looking at with your kindle publishing in 2016.

    You can get a Create Space version of your interior file done for around $5-10 on Fiverr and about the same for your book cover, depending on what you’re looking for.

    So as you can see, it’s actually pretty affordable and it’s also very easy to upload your book onto Create Space.

    Another thing you should be looking at is doing audio versions of your books.

    You can do this with ACX which is another of Amazon’s company’s.

    Now some books will most likely not lend themselves to audio books, like say…cookbooks for example.

    So it does depend on your niche, you can also see a lis of the niches that the ACX website says don’t make very good audio books.

    But this is another cool way to make your books into another income stream and diversify your income a little.

  2. Building your email list (and brand)

    Alt='Kindle Publishing in 2016'

    You’ll hear this all over the place about how you need to be building your email list. I think this is super important because Amazon is always changing their algorithm and rules.

    Not only that but having a big list of your own traffic will serve you well as you grow.


    Well for one, you have a launch pad for when you launch new books.

    Secondly you can ask them for reviews and thirdly it helps with sending your own traffic to your books.

    That way you don’t have to rely as much on Amazon.

    I mean, we still need Amazon’s traffic but if we can build our own at the same time then your books are going to get stronger and stronger over time.

  3. Getting reviews

    Getting reviews on your books is also more important than ever with kindle publishing in 2016.

    As I mentioned above, having your own list will help a lot in this regard, especially as you grow it.

    This is something you really want to be focusing on 24/7 actually and I highly recommend you hire a virtual assistant (quite cheap in the Philippines) to help you out with getting these reviews (by finding people to review your books).

    Because trying to do this yourself is a huge job on top of everything else that is part of kindle publishing.


  4. Focusing on just a few niches (or one)

    When I started out kindle publishing I was trying so many niches all over the place it was getting a little crazy!

    I actually think this is important though when you’re starting out because you need to find a niche that works for you, is profitable and you like it.

    So definitely make sure you’re trying out niches that you think have potential, but once you do find a good niche, stick to it and dominate it!

    This is super important as jumping around all over the place from niche to niche won’t build your authority in your market.

    So once you do find that niche, try and really build out your brand in it.

    And also when I say brand, I mean the name you’re using for that niche, whether it’s a pen name or your own.

    You want that name to have a decent amount of books under it and you want it to be well structured.

    And by that I mean, have a great Author Central account for your name (or pen name), a strong presence in your niche and quality books.

So if you are already a publisher then these 4 tips are something to definitely focus on. And if you’re new to kindle publishing then these are also things you need to be focusing on!

Basically if you’re kindle publishing in 2016, then you must be focusing on these things.

Anyway hope these tips help you out with your kindle publishing in 2016 and beyond.

Wishing you all the success.


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