How I Wrote My First Book on a Beach in Thailand (In 5 Days)

20 Feb How I Wrote My First Book on a Beach in Thailand (In 5 Days)

how I wrote my first book

Several years ago I sat on a beach in Thailand (literally on the sand) with my laptop, backpack, some food (from the local 7/11) and the desire to smash out my first book.

I had a plan to write and finish it by the time I left the beautiful island of Koh Lanta where I was staying.

And I’d never done any other type of writing other than on this blog either.

I didn’t do any research on how to do this, I just made my own plan and wrote like a man possessed.

And I ended up writing the bare bones of this book in under 5 days and pretty much all of it on one of the most quietest beaches in Thailand 🙂

So I thought that I’d give you my plan on how I did this and how you can copy my process to write your own book in under a week.

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The Process for How I Wrote My First Book


I really wanted to do it

You’ve definitely got to want to do this.

You must have the burning desire to write your book and write it quick. Otherwise without that kind of desire, you won’t do what is needed.

There can be no ifs, no buts, just pure action. Just set out the allotted time you want to write for and get it done.

If you’re really procrastinating then set short periods of time, like 30 minutes. That way you’ll be more forced to get it done.


Make an outline/chapters and within each one make smaller subject points

Before I started, I made up my chapter names and what they would be about and then I broke that down into smaller subsections.

I work better when I can break things down into small, bite-sized chunks that make it easier to swallow.

Then I started writing within each section and if it’s something that I can easily write about (it has to be), then usually the words flow… as long as I do the rest of these steps…

how I wrote my first book

This is where it all started. (Despite looking mad here I’m actually not)

Make writing goals for how many words you want to get out

So when I set off to the beach each day I made sure I had a goal for how many words I wanted to write.

Some days I could smash out 3000, other days I struggled to get out 1000.

But I just made sure to keep the end goal in mind and when I wanted to finish the bare bones of the book (since I had a bus to catch to Malaysia!)

You may even find that you can do more than one writing stint a day or maybe not. But I found that if I tried to force it then the words wouldn’t come.

So ALWAYS take advantage of the time when the words DO flow.


Give yourself a tight deadline

As I stated above, I think giving yourself a tight deadline works wonders.

As Leonard Bernstein said; “To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan and not quite enough time.”

A tight deadline makes us focus, block out everything that isn’t necessary and just get shit done.

So even if you don’t need to get your book done quickly, I still think it’s a great idea to make it tight.

As long as you’re not writing a 100,000 word+ plus mammoth of a book..

how I wrote my first book

Koh Lanta is an amazing place…

Block everything out & find an inspiring place

Blocking things out will help you focus. This isn’t rocket science.

You have to turn off Facebook, shut down the internet etc etc… That was the beauty of being on that beach in Thailand… I had no internet.

I mean even while I was writing this blog post I got distracted by Facebook… so turn it off!

I also believe in writing from an inspiring, quiet-ish spot too.

I chose a beach to write on because I find beaches and mountains are the most inspiring places to me. I love nature 🙂

I also love coffee shops. I’m actually writing this blog post from a McDonalds cafe at 5:30am.

That’s another tip, find the best time that works for you. I find early mornings work well for me.

Even if it’s at your home, just try and find the time that works perfectly for you that brings out your creativity and focus.


Sprint writing – don’t edit

My last tip is to just sprint write. That means DON’T edit as you write.

I know, I know… it’s hard to do. I do it all the time.

But if you’re writing a book, this is super important I think.

You’ll smash out more words, you’ll write more creatively and you’ll write faster.

Try it.

And you just edit the book later.



Anyway that’s it. That’s most of my writing tips on how I wrote my first book in under 5 days and in a beautiful place too.

I hope it inspires you to start writing your own book too.

Let me know if you do, I’d love to know if any of these tips helped you!

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how i wrote my first book

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