How I Published 200+ Books On Amazon In 13 Months…

06 Dec How I Published 200+ Books On Amazon In 13 Months…

how I published 200+ books

How I Published 200+ Books On Amazon In 13 Months

…I’m sitting at my resorts pool in Agnes Waters, Queensland Australia, no one’s around, it’s 6:30am and all I can here is the trickling of the pools fountains, the chirp of the birds and the thoughts in my head…

Being able to write from a beautiful holiday destination such as this was always a dream of mine…

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To be able to be anywhere I want to be AND make money, is such a HUGE blessing to me…

Several years ago I discovered kindle publishing and Amazon.

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That moment changed my life…

how I published 200+ books

Fast forward to now and I’ve been able to quit my job, travel and have more incredible adventures and start living more of the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of.

how I published 200+ books

And that journey all started with publishing one book on Amazon.

Well actually I started with 2 books…

But first of all I learnt how Amazon worked. How to rank books, how to use keywords, how to get great book covers made, how to get other people to write books for you and how to scale it all up.

In the first month I started while I was learning how this all worked, I published 2 books on Amazon.

And what do you know I made some sales. Nothing significant but I saw that this could be done!

That was the trigger for me.

I had found a way to create something valuable from nothing and make a sale/s.

So the next month I published 4 books.

Then the next month 8 books…

By this time I had figured out that if I had enough books published, then I would be able to quit my job.

And that was an incredibly exciting feeling.

So at that point I remember that I figured out that I would need at least 150+ books or so to make enough monthly income to quit my job.

And to do this by the date I had set for myself to quit my job, means I had to start publishing about 4 books or so per week…

how I published 200+ booksAnd so I started scaling things up to that point.

I slowly put together a team of 8-9 writers and then I also hired a virtual assistant in the Philippines to help me with the workload.

To say that this was a busy period of my life was an understatement!

I was coordinating all this whilst also working my full time job so I didn’t exactly have a lot of spare time.

But the important thing was, is that I was getting myself closer to my goal.

I’ll also point out that during this time I was only publishing kindle books, I wasn’t publishing print books or audio books which if I had of, I would have built up my income quicker.

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Anyway to cut a long story short, I kept this up for about 13 months or so and had built up a collection of over 200 book titles.

Once I’d achieved that goal, I was able to quit my job a few months later…

And what a feeling that is 🙂

You just have to start with something. Something that will help you get closer to goals and dreams you seek.

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how I published 200+ books

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