How I Made My First Dollar Online (It’s Not What You Think)

11 Jul How I Made My First Dollar Online (It’s Not What You Think)

My first dollar onlineHow I Made My First Dollar OnlineĀ (It’s Not What You Think)

I think it’s been around 3 years since I made my first bit of cash on the internet so I thought it was high time I showed you exactly how I made my first dollar online and the silly mistakes I made.

When I was first trying to figure how to make money (not just online but through any kind of business streams), I had all sorts of ideas…

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One day I stumbled across a website called Flippa.

This is a site where people can sell all sorts of digital assets.

Apps, websites, online shops, domain names etc…

It’s a very cool site and was one that I perused for many hours each week for quite a few months.

After a while I thought that owning an app would be pretty cool (even though I knew nothing about them!)

I’d looked at websites to and bid on quite a few but just never quite bit the bullet.

Anyway an app came up one day and I liked the income figures and thought I’d bid on it…which I did and eventually won the auction.

Now this was my first big mistake.

I believe I payed WAY to much for this app, it was an absurd amount of money (although I felt ok-ish about it at the time because of the income figures).

The second mistake was not even knowing a thing about apps!

I had done no courses, no research and no had no real knowledge of much about apps.

I wonder what on earth I was thinking at the time…

(You can read the full post here I wrote several years ago when I bought the app).

The owner and I proceeded to move the app over to my name (learning a whole lot in the process) over the next 4 weeks or so.

So cutting a long story short, the app never really made me much money at all.

It was pathetic actually.


I think over the time I owned it, it made about $300-$600…


No where near enough to cover the cost of buying it.

So that was how I made my first dollar online…

And I guess I still do own this app, I’m not actually sure.

I cancelled my Apple developers account after one year because the cost of it ($99 a year) outweighed what I was making (basically nothing).

Freedom pack

So maybe if I renewed my account, it would still be there…I have no idea, and I’m not to worried about it.

So in saying all this, you might think I hate apps and would never touch them again?

Well, that’s not the case. Although I did used to think that.

Now I actually love the idea of owning an app company and it may actually be something I do in the near future.

I love starting new businesses and income streams but for now I’m staying focused on the things I really want to do.

That’s kindle publishing, video course creation and teaching personal development.

There is never a shortage of business ideas when you’re an entrepreneur though!

If you’ve watched any of my other videos before you’ll notice that I do talk about my failures.

I believe that is important because EVERYONE makes mistakes, plus I like to be fully transperant with you.

I’ve made SO MANY mistakes in my life and failed so many times.

Even now.

Every day.

I now know that this is absolutely integral to learning and progressing in life.

Although you really want to learn as much as possible from other peoples mistakes, not your own.

So basically what I’m saying: Don’t be afraid of failure.

It will happen and you want it to happen faster.

Yes that’s right.

Fail quicker.

It’s a big key to making more progress.

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