My Goals For June 2016: Are They Too Ambitious?

07 Jun My Goals For June 2016: Are They Too Ambitious?

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Me in Sydney recently on a quick week end getaway

Recently I thought I’d start making a vlog at the start of each month for the goals I want to achieve. So below is an account of my goals for June 2016.

I’m a big goals guy so it’s definitely a good idea for me to get these ideas out there to keep myself accountable and moving forwards.

So let’s take a look at my goals for June 2016 and how ambitious they are or are not.

Watch the video below

  • Put out 2-3 Udemy courses So this is something I’ve been working hard on lately, making video course and then putting them online on Udemy.This is something that I really enjoy and even though it is a lot of work, I think it’s totally worth it as I enjoy teaching and getting my knowledge out there.You can check out some of my courses here.


  • Put out more Create Space books Since the start of the year I’ve been putting a lot of my kindle books into print books and it’s been great to see another income stream start.I’ll keep going with this and continue to build it up.


  • Diversify my income streams Part of building income streams is diversifying them so that you’re not exposed to the one thing. Hence, this month there is a few things I’m doing to achieve this;- I’ll be attempting to upload my courses to Skillshare (like Udemy)- I’ve been contacted by another company also like Udemy and they have inquired about buying the rights to my courses so I may also offer that to them. (will report on this more as I find out more).


  • Run a webinar I took a webinar course recently on how to effectively run your own webinar so my goal is to have that all ready to run in the first week of July. Fingers crossed!


  • Make some changes in my publishing business I can’t go into exact details here but I am making a few changes into a slightly different direction to maximise the business as whole.


  • Strip another 1-2 kilos of fat I’ve been working hard on low intensity cardio lately and also experimenting with fasting. So I will report on this soon but the goal is to get a little more ripped and get rid of the fat still around my abs.


  • Have another Air Bnb or motel getaway Recently I’ve discovered Air Bnb and love it. So much that I’ve now made it a goal to get away monthly on some kind of getaway. It’s quite cheap and I’ve worked out if I go halves with someone, the whole week end only has to cost under $100.


  • Read another book I’m currently reading ‘Oversubscribed’ and it’s pretty good. I like to be able to jump straight into the next book so for the next one I’ve bought ‘Talent is Over Rated’.


  • Have more positive thoughts Over the last few months I’ve let a bad habit creep in, and that’s negative thinking so I really want to change that. I will be mainly working on thinking of abundance as that’s an area I need to work on.


Anyway that’s just a quick snapshot of my goals for June 2016. Hopefully I achieve them and more!

If I do, then I’l be pretty pumped.

After all, the end of this month, will mark the half way mark of the year. So that will mean we only have 50% of the year to go with lots to still achieve.

Hope that gave you a good insight into my goals and I hope it inspires you to put yours out there to keep yourself more accountable.




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