From Welder To Entrepreneur… Can Anyone Do It?

20 Nov From Welder To Entrepreneur… Can Anyone Do It?

from welder to entrepreneur

I lifted up my helmet and looked around… I didn’t want to be hear forever… I was sweaty, hot and couldn’t stand the work…

My journey from welder to entrepreneur (or lifestylepreneur) has been one of huge growth.

It was 12 years ago that I started as a welder and funnily enough, for the first 1-2 years I actually kind of enjoyed it…

But after that it, it became a grind…

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From Welder to Entrepreneur


What made me stay though was that I was trying to build a real estate empire.

I was slowly buying houses, some I renovated etc etc.

This was my wealth vehicle you could say.

I would buy these houses in the hopes that I could make a positive cash flow from them and then the idea was that the more I bought, I could eventually build an income.

Well some of those houses did provide a positive cash flow but not forever…

Anyway it wasn’t until the last few years of being employed that I started getting into internet business stuff.

But it still took me a while to start ‘getting’ things.

This was the time when I first started this blog.

I also took a few trips overseas around this time which REALLY gave me a taste for the freedom lifestyle.

See, I always wanted to be a businessman and entrepreneur, I always wanted to be my ‘own’ man if you will.

But it was after this last trip overseas (having some insane adventures- take a look at a few of them here, here and here) that I discovered kindle publishing.

To cut a long story short, I started learning how to publish books on Amazon, how to get other people to write the books, get covers designed and ultimately, how to rank them using keywords so that I could make money from them.

This was the start of it all.

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Then as I started to make money I started to scale the whole business until I was publishing multiple books a week.

And over a period of about 12 months I had built up an income to replace my job…

So I did quit my job and I haven’t looked back…

from welder to entrepreneur It’s been an incredible journey, one I absolutely treasure for it’s ups and downs.

And now I want to show and help you do what I’ve done.

So, recently I just put together a 3 day FREE bootcamp for anyone that wants to learn how I’ve designed my freedom lifestyle and how you can do the EXACT same thing.


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Anyway I REALLY hope you enjoy the bootcamp!

I’ve put a tonne of work into it and I would love to hear your feedback so if you want to get in touch with me then just hit me up via email, Instagram or my Facebook.

Anyway, time to go have some freedom, have a great day!

===> Take the 3 Day FREE Freedom Lifestyler Bootcamp here <===


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Check Out My Book On Amazon!
Check Out My Book On Amazon!