My Fitness Transformation – Get Ripped in 6 Months

11 Jan My Fitness Transformation – Get Ripped in 6 Months

My Fitness Transformation – Get Ripped in 6 Months

  • By Adrian LandsbergFitness Transformation
  • 12th January 2015
  • Subject – Get ripped in 6 months


This is not the kind of picture I would usually put up. I don’t really like to do ‘selfies’ but I wanted to do an experiment.

I wanted to get ripped in 6 months and keep what I’d gained.

And I wanted to show you what is possible if you work hard and smart.

Since I got back from my last trip overseas, where I was traveling for 6 months, my body wasn’t in it’s usual eating and gym routine.

My body had got very un-toned, muscle had dropped a lot and the fat had crept on because of all the travel food. To be expected when you’re on the road all the time I guess.

I was still hitting the gym where I could, but I am the kind of guy who needs a gym and good, nutritious food all the time to keep muscle on and fat off.

Fitness TransformationI’m not massive and never will be but my goal as soon as I got back, was to get ripped in 6 months and lose fat, the white gut and get into the best shape of my life.

I can say happily now that I think I have achieved that.

I can also say now that I can cross off another thing off My List, get to 10% body fat and maintain it.

You can see in the photo that even though I have lost a bit of overall size, I look way better than the fat, white turd in the first photo.

There is still way more that I can do and that is my goal for this year, start using some supplements, protein powders etc as I never use that stuff. At the moment it’s just hard work in the gym, good, healthy food and a good nights sleep.

Nothing crazy just simple, easy stuff…

As you can see from the photo above there was quite a bit of a change…

Fitness TransformationSo what did I do exactly to make the change?

First of all I started hitting the gym 5 times a week, working on a specific body part each day and adding in a bit of cardio.

It took me several weeks to get into a rhythm again and get a little bit of strength back but once I was got into it I kept at it like a machine.

Fitness TransformationI lifted as heavy as I could, doing all the compound movements to build some size and finishing off each workout with more targeted exercises for that muscle group.

I also followed a bit of ‘The Natural Transformer’s’ training program who is a very famous online trainer and goes to the same gym as I do! That definitely helped with mixing it up and changing my training around a bit.

I got back into a healthy eating routine too. Between 3-5 meals a day depending on the day and what I was doing.

My meals mostly consist of chicken, eggs and vegetables. Lean carbs during the day (mostly sweet potato) and no carbs at dinner time.

And as always, I try to get my 8 hours of sleep a night.

That’s pretty much it.

As it got closer to summer I increased the cardio to burn more fat and it slowly worked.

Now that I’ve got to a point where I’m pretty happy with my body it’s much easier to maintain. If I eat the same I barely have to do much cardio.

If I want to splurge a little on the weekends then I can add in another run or cycle.

It’s a lot of hard work getting to that point, but once you do and you know the recipe, then you just have to maintain it.

Fitness TransformationLike most things in life really. You can work hard for a period of time and then maintain it or you can keep working hard and keep building. It’s up to you what you want to achieve.

I will still work hard regardless. Yes, I can maintain it easier now but that doesn’t mean I can slack off, nor do I want to.

I want to keep improving. This goes for all areas of my life and it shouldn’t be any different for you.

You should want to grow. You should want to achieve. You should want to learn.

Now is the perfect time of year to get stuck into a big goal you’ve set yourself.

You’re not going to want to look back at 2015 and think you could have tried harder. That’s a shitty feeling.

By writing this post and showing what is possible if you put your mind to it, I hope to inspire you that changes can be made, and quick changes too.

And you know what? When you get there, it is the best feeling.

For me it’s another area of life that I feel I understand more now, I know the recipe of how to achieve what I want to do and then I just keep repeating it.

You should try it.

Write down a goal, write down the action steps you need to take, think small to start with, but have a big mindset overall.

Then do the steps and repeat each day.

Be relentless. Keep chipping away. Small things everyday lead to big things.

So in conclusion I trained hard using some different online programs, ate well, did cardio and lived a healthy lifestyle…

That’s not to hard to do hey 😉

Your man,


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