Do You Feel Like The World Is Against You?

30 Aug Do You Feel Like The World Is Against You?

Alt='The World Is Against You'I don’t know how many times I’ve asked myself this in the last 3-6 months. When the world is against you and it feels like everything is going wrong, is when you start wondering what the hell have I done to deserve this?


Sometimes when all the shit is happening it’s hard to think about the good stuff. We just forget and focus too much on the crap.


Alt='The World Is Against You'A good example of this was several weeks ago when a friend Facebooked me and said to write down 3 positive things that happened to you and then send the message on to another person. The idea of course is for you to really think hard and focus on positive thoughts.


So the day my friend had asked was actually one of the shittier days I’d had in a while, when it seemed like everything had gone wrong. But I started going over the day and within a few minutes I’d already thought of 3 things that had put a smile on my face.

I thought with the day I’d had there is no way anything positive had happened.


Alt='The World Is Against You'Had I not been asked that, that day then I would have thought the day was a write off. But by trying to focus on the positive stuff and not the negative, it made the day seem a whole lot better.




So after that little exercise, when things are going a bit crap I try to think of a few things that did make it a good day. It could be anything, right down to how good breakfast was, the point is to still try and find joy and happiness in the simplest of things.


As I think back over the last 6 months, I could count nearly ten family and friends that seem like life is really dishing it out hard to them. At times, me included.

It seemed like good people were getting crappy treatment. What had we done? Why did we deserve this?


Alt='The World Is Against You'Was it that now I’ve had an awesome 6 month trip travelling around the world having the time of my life and ticking heaps of things off My List and now I should get 6 months of misery?! I hope not!


But it’s times like this when I stop and start thinking about where I am, what I have and how lucky I am. Sometimes when it seems like the world is against you, you just have to go through testing times and it’s these times that you have to hold your head high and try and stick it out.


It could be a few weeks or months or longer but the point is; things could always be worse. Right? That is one of the first things I try to tell myself.

Things have to improve. You have to make them. You have to do your best. You have to hold your ground through it and come out the other side a better and stronger person.


Alt='The World Is Against You'I promise if you do what you can to make your situation better and you’re a little patient, then it will get better.


But you have to be positive. Things in life NEVER plan out how we think they will. Sometimes life can take a turn in a completely different direction than we thought, but somehow after we get used to it life still goes on. We still cope.


When you do feel like the world is against try the exercise my friend asked me; Think of 3 positive things that happened to you today?

Come on, you can find them 🙂


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