Dropshipping Australia – My Journey Dropshipping So Far (Part 1)

04 Sep Dropshipping Australia – My Journey Dropshipping So Far (Part 1)

Dropshipping Australia

Dropshipping Australia: – My Journey Dropshipping So Far (Part 1)

So guess what? My latest project is building my first dropshipping Australia store!

I’m pretty excited about it, so I thought I’d do a bit of a series on how I’m going with it in the first few weeks and then keep you updated as the next few weeks and months go by.

You can follow along and see how I go, and maybe see if dropshipping is for you.

So what is dropshipping?

Well basically what it is, is where you have a website where you can take sales, then you find a supplier/s of the product you are selling and then when you take an order, your supplier ships the order out.

This makes it hands-off for you. In exchange for your supplier shipping out the item to your customer, they take a larger amount of the profit (plus of course because they own and hold the stock).

This can vary wildly but from what I’m learning so far, it can be anywhere between a 10% margin for you, right up to 60% ish.

It mostly just depends on the supplier you find really.

So lets see what my journey dropshipping Australia journey looks like so far…

Watch the video or read the blog post below:

Week 1 – Dropshipping Australia

It was a Sunday that I got access to an online dropshipping course from a friend. I went through the first few sections and from there I had to figure out what niche I was going to enter into.

I thought of and wrote down a list of 60-70 niches over the next few hours, then I made a list of potential suppliers.

The next step I took I believe has been very crucial for me to get things moving fast…

I got a coach. Check out his site here.

I believe you can accelerate your learning curve massively by hiring someone who has already done what you want to do.

So I was recommended this guys Facebook group and from there ended up getting coaching.

So far I have had 2 coaching sessions, first to help me with narrowing down my niche and secondly to help me go over my website and various other little things.

This brings me to the next step; building the store and deciding on a shop name.

Dropshipping AustraliaI used shopify to build my store on (get your first 14 days free when you use this link) as recommended by the course and then came up with a domain name and bought it through Godaddy.

Over the next 1-2 weeks I built out the store and followed the course on how to do it.

This took a bit longer than I was hoping for as there was a bit to learn even though I’ve done a bit of website stuff before.

The next big thing after this was to ring suppliers!

This was the thing I was slightly dreading as I don’t particularly like having to cold call people…

But silly me really did overthink it, because it actually went really well.

Most companies I rang were happy to partner with me and were excited to have someone on board to help sell their stuff.

Dropshipping AustraliaSo honestly that was probably the least thing I had to worry about I guess.

Just have to be careful not to overthink things to much. Keep it simple they say.

So that’s where I’m up to right now…

It’s been roughly 3.5 weeks at this point so I’m very happy with my progress and honestly, I hope to have the store live within the 5 week mark so we will see how I go!

Now I’m spending all my time, adding products to the site which takes a LONG time.

I’m now waiting on a few more suppliers to provide me with photos and prices, they’re taking longer than I would like so that might delay my progress!

Though I will not add every single product known to man, I’ll just a good amount and then add to it over the coming weeks.

I just want to get the store LIVE.

Dropshipping Australia

I’ll also be optimising the store and doing all the little things the course says to do to optimise conversions, sales etc, before making the site live and taking the next steps.

Not to mention I will be getting more coaching.

So that’s my experience so far with dropshipping in Australia.

I guess I can’t really say it’s been much of an experience so far as I am only beginning.

But when I do part 2 and/or part 3 of this series, then I will have a far better handle on it.

Excited for what’s ahead!

Stay updated with each part of this series below.



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