Dropshipping Australia: My First Sale – $2450! (Part 2)

24 Oct Dropshipping Australia: My First Sale – $2450! (Part 2)

Dropshipping Australia

Ok so it’s been about 5-6 weeks since I updated you from my last dropshipping Australia post.

A fair bit has happened since then…

So if we kick off from the last post (You can read Part 1 of this series here), I was up to the adding products to my site, stage.

Watch the Vlog I did below or keep reading

This was extremely time consuming and I had to go back several times and re-do a lot of them to make sure the listings were all right and optimised for SEO.

Just as well the Shopify back end works smoothly! (Get your first 14 days FREE on Shopify if you use this link).

But after that was done I was ready to write and turn on my Google ads.

Which I did…for 2 days…

Within a few hours of the ads being on, I had about 4 phone calls and several email inquiries, which was great but also not the ‘passive’ style sales I was after…

Dropshipping AustraliaSo I dealt with those (no sales though) and that night turned off my phone number and linked it to a message service (Velox).

That way I wouldn’t have to take the call immediately and I could listen to their message, find out the answer and then call them back if needed.

I also took the phone number off the home page (still on my contact page) to make it a little less obvious and so it would make people use the live chat or just contact me via email.

The debacles of my dropshipping Australia store

Anyway, so I only had the ads up for 2 days before I realised that all my shipping and prices were completely out of wack.

I was offering free shipping which I was told was the best thing to do, but for my niche, it just doesn’t work.

My items vary massively in size and weight and Australia is a big country, so trying to cater a price for all those variances makes it nearly impossible to be competitive on price.

So once again I had to go back through all my prices and then also work out shipping rates and weights…..this was quite time consuming and a little tricky to work out.

So that’s a tip there for newbies; think carefully about the size of your products and weights, before you offer free shipping.

This set me back about another week or so. I had the ads turned off though so no one was visiting the store thankfully.

In amongst all this I had another coaching session with my dropshipping trainer and he helped me out with a few more things.

My First Sale

So that brings us up to now. By the time you read this, it will have been about 1 week after I made my first sale!


I only had the ads on for about a week or so before this sale was made and it was actually for the most expensive item on my site…$2450!

You can see the screenshot I took of it below.

Dropshipping Australia

This was pretty awesome but the only thing is the profit was extremely low as I hadn’t really worked out my prices properly and hadn’t taken into account any Shopify fees and credit card fees etc…

The other thing was this sale was handled all over the phone, so I don’t think any of my site’s optimisation played a part in it.

Not ideal to have to do all this stuff over the phone as I prefer my income to more ‘passive’ and be able to be made while I sleep, but hey I can’t complain!

I wanted to build a saleable asset so I believe this is what it will take.

So what now?

Well I haven’t made any more sales since that first one and that’s ok.

The cool thing is I’m still getting inquiries and interest in the site. Shopify even showed on my dashboard that my shop was in the top 19% of shops launched that week (for views from ad conversion).

Plus I’m only spending $10 a day on ads so we will see if I need to up that or not.

But there is still many, many things I have to do yet:

  • I still need to add a LOT more products to my site. There are so many variances to my products that it makes it a little difficult to add them all but I will get there.
  • I still need to build the Facebook page and get some decent likes on it
  • I want to add some blog posts for SEO although this is not on my must-do list right now. I believe there is many more other things I can do to optimise the store before I concentrate on that.
  • I might hook up some accounting software like Xero to make things a little easier for keeping track of things (Use my link to get 30% OFF for the first 6 months) Xero Beautiful Accounting Software SAVE 30%!

Anyway that’s where I’m at right now, it’s great to have got that first sale out of the way so now I have some confidence that I can do it, and have a store that made money in roughly it’s first 8 weeks 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post, if you want to see part one of this series, check it out here.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress on my dropshipping Australia store and hopefully I can get some sales happening regularly!



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