Alt='My Bucket List'This is MY BUCKET LIST.


What do you think of when you think of a bucket list?


I think most people think of a list of things they want to do, see or experience before they die.


But there’s a problem with that.


Because of how we are programmed I think people think that this is a list that can be attempted once you’re close to dying.


Don’t you think that’s a bad way of thinking?


We can’t wait till we’re nearly dead. Why not start now?


If you do you will be among a very small percentage of people that actually write their goals and dreams down.


“If you don’t have a bucket list then you need to re-think that.”


I’m not kidding. If you’re going through life without any purpose of what you want to achieve then what is the point?


You should be trying to find what you love and do it.


Take a look at my bucket list and use it for your own inspiration.


Stop making excuses. Get the paper, get the pen and start brain storming 🙂


Let your mind go wild.


I think it makes a huge difference if what you want to do is written down. Even better, write it on your blog where the whole world can see it 🙂


This way I (and you) will be held accountable for what we’re doing.


What it’s really going to give you is CLARITY. Clarity of what you want to do with your life, what you want to see, do and experience.


Now, also I’ve just recently started pricing some things on my bucket list and it’s interesting to see that some things aren’t as expensive as you may think.


Of course this varies wildly as to how you decide to spend your money but for me these are ball park figures.


A good exercise to do to help you figure out whether you can actually start crossing some things off your list.


I will be continuing to add to my bucket list as I am always coming up with more things I want achieve and experience. So here goes…..


  1. Own/start a business
  2. Learn to kite surf properly
  3. Try wake boardingAlt='My Bucket List'
  4. Go skydiving
  5. Ski snow and beach in one day in Dubai
  6. See Byron Bay, Australia
  7. Volunteer somewhere for a day or more
  8. See a Volcano
  9. Ride a mountain bike at Whistler Park, Canada
  10. Swim in Ginnie Springs in USA
  11. Go to top of Eureka Sky Deck
  12. Get 500 Facebook followers
  13. Go KitesurfingAlt='My Bucket List'
  14. Climb Mount Aconcaguna, Argentina
  15. Try Parasailing
  16. Try cryotherapy
  17. Live in a different country
  18. Do a USA road trip – Price including flight=$2500-$4500
  19. Go on a cruise ship holiday – Price=$1000
  20. Start a website
  21. Trek Mount Blanc Circuit, France, Italy, SwitzerlandAlt='My Bucket List'
  22. Visit ‘my’ 7 wonders of the world – Grand Canyon (America), Great Wall of China (China), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Christ the Redeemer Statue (Brazil), The Colosseum( Rome), Machu Picchu (Peru), The Pyramids (Egypt)
  23. Visit Xixia mountains in China
    Alt='My Bucket List'
  24. Visit Petra in Jordan
  25. Achieve $300 a week in cash flow from properties by April 2012
  26. See the Pyramids in Guatemala
  27. Visit an ice bar
  28. Shoot a Rocket Launcher
  29. Take a flight in a Jet Fighter – Price=$1500
  30. Leave a big tip for someone
  31. Hike the Kalalau Trail, Hawaii – Price including flights=$3000
  32. Hike The Stairway to Heaven Trail Hawaii – Price including flights=$3000
  33. Take a ride in a Hot Air BalloonAlt='My Bucket List' 
  34. Search for hidden treasure
  35. Have $50k in liquid cash in the bank
  36. Shoot a machine gun
  37. See the Kakadu in Northern Territory
  38. Hike the Hua Shan Path, China (the most dangerous path in the world)Alt='My Bucket List'
  39. Climb Mount Kosciuszko
  40. Go to Loch Ness
  41. Go snowboarding
  42. Donate $500 a year to charity every year
  43. Try Fly Boarding – Price=$100
  44. Hike the Angels Landing path Utah – Same as USA road trip=$2500-$4500
  45. Go snorkelling at The Great Barrier Reef
  46. Do the ‘Wave’ hike in Utah – Same as USA road trip=$2500-$4500
  47. Stay in a bungalow over the water – $1000
  48. Go through the Bermuda Triangle
  49. Ride in a limousine Alt='My Bucket List'
  50. Own a dog
  51. See Mount Rushmore – Same as USA road trip=$2500-$4500
  52. Party in Vegas – Same as USA road trip=$2500-$4500
  53. Give blood
  54. Visit ‘Landsberg’ prison in Germany
  55. Visit Boracay Beach Phillipines
  56. See the underwater statues off Mexico – Include in USA trip?=$1000
  57. Make my first dollar on the Internet
  58. Hike the Caminito del Ray path, Spain – Price=$2000
  59. See a live band
  60. Own my own architect designed home – Price=$500k+
  61. Experience a ‘Sleep No More’ show in New York
  62. Do an African Safari
  63. Do small renovation on my duplex property
  64. See Stonehenge – Price $2000
  65. Drive a Lamborghini
  66. Achieve 3000 Youtube subscribers by December 31st 2017
  67. Alt='My Bucket List'Jump an 80 foot double jump on my dirt bike
  68. Go on a ghost tour
  69. Visit an abandoned island (Japan)
  70. Send a message in a bottle
  71. Visit Cancun – Price=$2000
  72. Drink beer at Oktoberfest
  73. Quit my job
  74. Go Bungee jumping (naked ?!)
  75. Swim with the sharks, Sea World
  76. Be able to live entirely off property and any business/ internet/investment income by October 20, 2015 ($800 week)
  77. Visit Iceland
  78. Take a photo of myself everyday for a year
  79. Take a photo of something everyday for a yearAlt='My Bucket List'
  80. Go backpacking solo
  81. Trek to Mount Everest base camp
  82. Build The Lifestyle Compound into a huge following of like-minded, adventure-seeking entrepreneurs
  83. Alt='My Bucket List'Learn another language
  84. Ride an elephant
  85. Visit Miami – Part of USA trip – Price=$4000
  86. Race an event on my dirt bike
  87. Build my publishing business to $10k+ per month
  88. Climb El Capitan, Yosemite National Park
  89. Hike/Climb a mountain in Colorado
  90. Ride a scooter from Chiang Mai to Pai (tried once and failed)Alt='My Bucket List'
  91. Drive a tank
  92. Get into the same training schedule I have in Australia, in another country
  93. Hold a Guinness World record
  94. Do the Fullmoon Party Thailand
  95. Go Tubing, Vang Vieng Laos
  96. Experience Burning Man Part of USA trip – Price=$4000
  97. Alt='My Bucket List'Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  98. Have a threesome
  99. Spend a night in a haunted house/castle
  100. Climb Mount Ossa, Tasmania
  101. Go to the top of Mount Amos to see view of Wine Glass Bay, Tasmania
  102. Visit Port Arthur site, Tasmania
  103. Eat an insect
  104. See the leaning tower of Pisa
  105. Climb Mount Roland
  106. Go Hang Gliding in Brazil
  107. See ‘Pig Beach’ in the Bahamas (looks amazing!) – Price=$4000
  108. Learn to type properly
  109. See Mount Fuji, Japan – Price $2500
  110. See the White Temple in Chiang Rai
  111. Get a photo with the Hollywood sign in LA
  112. Have my own personal chef
  113. Work from a different location at least 3 times a week throughout 2017
  114. Do a Wing Walk on an airplane
  115. Alt='My Bucket List'Do a Yoga class
  116. Be on a movie set
  117. Climb Mount Kinabalu in BorneoAlt='My Bucket List' 
  118. Stay in an Igloo for a night
  119. Drive the Great Ocean Road
  120. Try being inside a deprivation tank – Price $60
  121. Hold a yearly retreat for Freedom Lifestylers
  122. Get 50 subscribers to my blog
  123. Try firewalking
  124. Go wingsuit flying
  125. Write a book and self publish it
  126. Run my first webinar
  127. Run a live event (an awesome one!)
  128. Be naked for a day on a beach
  129. Meet Richard Branson
  130. See Pompei
  131. Go caving
  132. Travel across a country on a motorbike/bicycle
  133. Get under 10% body fat and still be muscularAlt='My Bucket List'
  134. Go bobsledding in Canada or Utah
  135. Alt='My Bucket List'Go indoor skydiving
  136. Set up an automated Facebook ad campaign
  137. Try free diving
  138. Visit Bondi Beach
  139. Join a mastermind group
  140. Climb El Misty in Peru
  141. Talk in front of a camera; start making videos to help people Alt='My Bucket List'
  142. Visit Ayers Rock, Australia
  143. Have a child
  144. Make a snowmanAlt='My Bucket List'
  145. Live in a cool house; castle, underground, pimping log cabin, penthouse…
  146. Have a massive pool party
  147. Go storm chasing
  148. Do something for someone that’s really important to them for free
  149. Get 500 twitter followers
  150. Get 10,000 Instagram followers
  151. Own a nice car (M5, Audi R8, GTR, Lamborghini…..)
  152. Scale an ice glacier
  153. Do a ‘Tuff Mudder’ style event and finish it by the end of 2016
  154. Go to the real Melbourne Cup in Melbourne
  155. Visit the Easter Island statues
  156. Have an Amazon best seller Kindle book
  157. Visit New Zealand
  158. Mountain bike Death Road in Bolivia
  159. Go on a road trip in a camper-van
  160. Rock up to an airport in Australia and take the next random, domestic flight
  161. Rock up to an airport overseas and take a random flight
  162. See the Monaco Grand Prix
Check Out My Book On Amazon!
Check Out My Book On Amazon!