My New Pad! Tour of My New Beachfront Apartment!

13 Sep My New Pad! Tour of My New Beachfront Apartment!

Beachfront Apartment

My New Pad! Tour of My New Beachfront Apartment!

I’ve always wanted to live in a beachfront apartment.

I’ve always loved the beach but just wasn’t sure where I wanted to live if I could actually have a choice.

After quitting my job last year by building up a small publishing business, I was able to start thinking about living somewhere because I wanted to, not just because I had to.

This was a HUGE deal for me.

Watch the video below or check out the blog post and pics below

Why move?

I’ve always wanted to live by the beach but was never able to.

Plus it’s been a goal of mine for as long as I can remember to be able to live the laptop lifestyle and live in a beautiful location.

Beachfront Apartment

So it took me a while, but I decided to move to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, this is about an hour north of where I used to live in Brisbane.

It’s a beautiful area and one that I had thought about moving to for a while. Definitely a great lifestyle place.

So anyway, I moved about 4-6 weeks ago, which in itself was a big decision as I loved where I lived before but it was time for a change.

I’ve moved into an apartment that already had a couple living in one bedroom and they wanted someone to move into the other room, so in I went.

Beachfront Apartment

The Kids Pool & Giant Spa

The Beachfront Apartment

The actual apartment is a place that I had always dreamed about, it was actually quite an unusual feeling when I walked in because it was so like I had dreamed about…

Beachfront Apartment

The Awesome Pool

I’d always dreamed about living in a high rise, that had a pool, a nice layout and amazing views and it honestly has all that and more.

If you’re a regular reader you will know I LOVE mountains and hiking.

Well the cool thing is it has a distant view of a mountain, the city and the beach which is so cool because I love all those things!

You can see more photos and videos from my pad on my Instagram here if you want.

Now I’m not saying all this to brag so please don’t think that.

I’m telling you all this because it is possible to have what you aspire for.

Like I said, I’d had visions of being able to look out from my patio and see the ocean.

Beachfront Apartment

Balcony View

I had vision boards with views similar to that was just one little part of moving forwards.

That, a lot of hard work and many other things has helped me get here.

The other thing is, this actually isn’t that expensive, especially if you’re sharing an apartment with someone.

It’s only about 25% more expensive than where I was previously living.

Really, it was more about being able to live ANYWHERE because I was able to. That’s what helps.

So anyway this place is very different for me.

What’s it got?

Beachfront Apartment

The Rooftop…

Now I have to take a lift up to my house, I have a card for a key, the complex has an amazing rooftop on the 14th floor with a spa, there’s a giant pool, another spa and also a sauna…

So to say it’s such a blessing to be able to live here is an understatement.

The only thing it doesn’t have is a gym and you know how much I love my gym!

But that’s ok because my gym is only a 10 minute walk away, which is also super cool since I don’t even have to use my car for most of the week.

Not to mention the beach is just across the road…

Beachfront Apartment

I can’t wait for summer when I can go for an early morning boogey board or swim as part of my morning routine too.

You can do the same

I write this blog post because I want you, my reader to realise your goals in life.

This is just one part of my goals moving forward.

And when you do reach a goal, you realise that it’s POSSIBLE!

That’s what spurs you on, that’s what keeps you moving forward.

And that’s why I write to (hopefully) inspire you to do the same.

Whatever it is that you want to come true in your life, don’t let go of it.

Hey maybe it’s a beachfront apartment you want to?

Either way, don’t let it slip from your vision.

Keep it at the forefront of your mind every single day and take mini steps towards it.

Stay strong. Stay motivated. Stay hungry.

Your friend,


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