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Wanna shoot rocket launchers?

Kindle Coaching


—-Nearly $60,000 in the last 12 months of kindle publishing—

That’s how much I’ve made and that’s only touching the surface…

Are you sick of being burnt by too many ‘make money online’ gurus?

Maybe you want to be an author but can’t figure out where to start or how you could possibly make your book sell, among the millions of other authors out there?

Or maybe you want to be a publisher and build you very own mini empire of books on Amazon?

Over the last few years Amazon has become a massive e-commerce giant and is currently turning a lot of people into millionaires because of the huge opportunity it presents.

Guarantee: If you do exactly what I tell you with my Kindle Coaching, you WILL make money.

Do you want to;

  • Build your very own income online but don’t know where to start?

  • Become an author that gets paid to do what you love?

  • Have your very own publishing empire that allows you to get paid while your team does the work for you?!

  • Wake up and find that you made sales while you were sleeping?

  • Want to have the freedom to do more of the things you love?


Over the last nearly 2 years, I have built up my very own publishing empire that has allowed me to quit my job and live a lifestyle that very few people get to live. For this, I am very grateful.

Now, I want to show you how to do the exact same thing.

In this course I take you by-the-hand and show you my SECRET techniques that I’ve used to build up a large library of kindle books that have allowed me to free up my time to do the things I love.


I’ll show you;

  • How to find EXTREMELY profitable book niches and how to dominate them

  • Discover how to get books written and created by someone else!

  • How to get PROFESSIONAL covers made for as little as $5! (Yes, you heard right!)

  • How to market your books so they sell like hot cakes!

  • Learn how to make even MORE MONEY without creating new books!

  • Find out how you can generate MASSIVE interest in your book even if you are a brand new author

  • Learn the secrets of how to make people want to buy all your books!

  • How to get legitimate reviews and raving fans for your books

  • How to create systems in your publishing business so you can do more of the things you love, more often!


If you want to finally make money online in a fun way, become a publisher or an author, then check out my affordable coaching packages below.

Every minute you waste thinking about it is money that’s NOT going into your bank account…


Option 1: 1 Hour Skype Chat (Typing Chat) – $59USD

Option 2: 1 Hour Skype Video Coaching – $99USD


Message me here to purchase a package above and sort out a time. I look forward to teaching you!



Be Awesome Lifestyle Coaching


I will keep this short and to the point.

You want your life to look different to what it does now.

You want to be happier, more driven, wealthier and actually achieve your goals.

You want to have more fun, adventure and travel more.

The truth is I don’t know you, but there is one thing that I think I’m probably right about. You’ve tried so many different things in your life but still, your life doesn’t look the way you want it to.

Your quest is over.

I have slowly built my life to a point now where I am happier every day. I set goals and I smash them. I have dreams and I keep working towards them. I keep designing my life so that I’m always improving.

Alt='Be Awesome'

Me at Mount Everest Base Camp


And I love to help people smash their own goals and dreams too.

Hi, I’m Adrian Landsberg, the owner of The LifeStyle Compound, blogger, Be Awesome trainer, adventurer, world traveler, entrepreneur and lover of life.

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Walking the most dangerous hike in the world, China

I have a passion for living life to the full, to never stop learning and to never let life get dull.

Alt='Be Awesome'

Exhausted at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro

There’s one other thing I have a passion for…

Helping people like YOU succeed in the game of life.

People like you…

People like Marti…..

Alt='Be Awesome'“After having a rough start to 2013 with a breakdown of my marriage and having to start life as a single mum with 2 children, I realised that I was surrounded by a lot of negativity.

After reading Adrian’s “The Lifestyle Compound” blog every few days I realised that my life wasn’t how I wanted it to be and I wanted to be not only the best mother for my children but the best person for me.

During my lunch break I was messaging Adrian and explained a little about what life had thrown at me and how I wanted it all to change – he told me that it was awesome that I had taken the 1st step of getting rid of the negativity in my life and that I had to own my life and that I could do anything I wanted.

“You only live once” he said and “set yourself goals, have a bucket list, start aiming to achieve those goals and most of all start living!”
After he gave me some coaching it gave me the confidence to start putting the goal of competing in a fitness competition into action. I totally turned my life around, I went into intense training 6 days a week for 5 months and 6 weeks out from comp I was training twice a day for 5 days and the other 2 days I was in the gym for 2-3 hours.

I did this for me, not for my children. I was so proud of myself because hard work and determination can help you achieve your goals.

I am so thankful to Adrian for inspiring me and giving me that little push to turn my life around, if it hadn’t been for his ‘Be Awesome Coaching’ where he made me believe that I can do anything and set myself some goals I’d still be walking in circles!”

People like Shane…..

Alt='Be Awesome'“Up until the age of 22 I had been a heavy drug user. I started when I was about 15 so that’s 7 years of hard abuse where my life consisted of nothing else but doing drugs.

I found Adrian and his blog over a year ago and it was like a light bulb going off, everything he wrote about seemed to just click with me, the way that life can be lived as opposed to how I was living it.

Since being mentored by Adrian my life has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. I am now completely drug-use-free for over 2 years, I now train at the gym 5 times a week, I have goals to travel overseas for the first time in 2015 and I’ve finally started putting money away for a rainy day.

If I hadn’t have started Adrians ‘Be Awesome Coaching’, then I shudder to think where my life would be right now.

All I can say is this; He’s the real deal, if you want to start building a life that you’re proud of and start achieving the goals and dreams you wish for, then start training with him. You won’t regret it!”



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I love to show people the way. The way to a better life. A life NOT spent grinding away in a job you hate for 40 years. A life where you have control. A life where you steer your own destiny.

I want to help you to succeed in life.

Whether you want to be happier, find your purpose in life or start smashing goals then you have come to the right dude.

With my ‘Be Awesome’ training I can help you find your inner awesome.


Check out my training packages below


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Lifestyle Package – 8 weeks – $499

Designed for people that need a push in the right direction and need help getting excited about their life.

Whatever it is, this package gives me just enough time to get to the root of the issues you’re experiencing and the strategies to fix them.

Then we start re-building from the ground up to get you on the path of lifestyle freedom.

This package includes:

8 x 30 minute Strategy Sessions via Skype (can be combined to make 1 hour)

FREE email support for the duration of your package

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Alt='Be Awesome' Freedom Mastery Package – 12 weeks – $799

If you know you need to make BIG changes in your life but you’re stumped as to where to start, then the Freedom Package is for you.

This package is to get you started on the path to freedom. That freedom could be anything for you. Maybe you need to get out of your job but think you have limited options? Or maybe you need the tools and exact steps to take to get the lifestyle, happiness and freedom you’re after?

This package includes:

12 x 30 minute Strategy Sessions via Skype (can be combined to make 1 hour)

FREE email support for the duration of your package

Alt='Be Awesome'

 Alt='Be Awesome'VIP Boss Life Package – 6 months – $1899

Get me for a full 6 months!

This package is more than a package, this is basically like having someone in your ear every day telling you exactly what to do to keep moving forward and expanding your life dreams.

By far my most popular package because of the sheer amount of knowledge you aquire and accountability for your actions.

Basically a 6 month course, the VIP Boss Life package is just that, a package designed for you to start living and acting like a boss.

Things we cover in this package:

  • Building your own income stream/streams designed to get you out of your dreary, soul sucking job ASAP

  • How to get a ripped physique, even though you’ve been trying for years

  • How to have 10 x more adventures than you do now

  • How to wake up successful each day

  • How to control your own state, no matter what mood you’re in

  • How to feel completely confident in everything you do

This package includes:

Up to a maximum of 24 x 30 minute Strategy Sessions via Skype (can be combined to make 1 hour)

My personal phone number so you can text or call me anytime between 9am and 7pm

UNLIMITED email support for the duration of your package

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When you’re working with me 1-on-1 you will have direct access to me via Skype and e-mail.

Of course I will provide you with my 10+ years of experience studying self development to help you get to where you want to be.

I can walk you through sure-fire processes to making goals and achieving them, utilising simple daily habits to improve your overall happiness, how to improve your relationships and how to be as AWESOME as you were meant to be.

But here’s a warning…

I only take on people who are committed to making a positive change in their lives, people who are willing to put in the hard yards to create the lifestyle they deserve.

I also only take on a handful of clients at a time so as to give you the best, possible, personal service I can provide, so don’t delay.

I want you to succeed. I really do. I know that’s why I was put here on this earth, to help people like you, live far better, more exciting, happy lives that are filled with your dreams.

If you want to build yourself an income, live the lifestyle you dream of, have more adventures and achieve all the goals you set your mind to, then click here to apply.

Act now. You don’t want to miss out.


To Your Massive Success,




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Check Out My Book On Amazon!
Check Out My Book On Amazon!