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Hey I’m Adrian Landsberg, that’s me with the rocket launcher.

Let me tell you a bit about me, who I am and what I’m about…

I love personal development, freedom-making, entrepreneurship, travel and adventure, extreme sports, family, friends and helping others achieve the same lifestyle I have.

In 2013 I went on an epic trip around the world, specifically traveling to countries and destinations to tick things off my Bucket List.

Like I said, it was epic…

Alt='About Me'I went to Mount Everest base campbungee jumped naked, significantly upped my country count, walked the most dangerous hike in the world, got attacked in an alley in Beijing and experiencing everything South East Asia has to offer.

Alt='About Me'

Then I traveled to Africa. I went and saw the Pyramids in Egypt, climbed Mount Sinai, crossed through Israel to Jordan to see Petra, then I flew down to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and then my last stop was South Africa to go Cage Diving with Great White Sharks- which I failed at because I got sea sick 🙁

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In all, I spent 6 months overseas on that trip. It was absolutely amazing and something that I recommend everyone should do at least once in their life (but preferably 3 times a year!)

But then I had to go back home…

Back to a job that I didn’t want to go to…

I was a welder in the same job for 10 years…

So to say it was very damaging to my pride to go back there after such an amazing time, is an understatement.

Alt='About Me'You see, I didn’t have a plan for when I got home. Sure I had been working on this blog like a madman, but I hadn’t made any income.

I did have a very small amount of income from some real estate I owned and an iphone app that I also owned (worst decision ever though).

But it was no where near enough to live on. Especially in good old Australia.

But it was during this trip that I knew I had to come up with a way to make this kind of lifestyle (the traveling and adventure lifestyle) a permanent one.

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Several months after landing back in Brisbane and settling back into my soul-sucking job again, I came across kindle publishing.

Funny thing was, I actually had written my first book and published it on Amazon while I was in Thailand on that trip (on a beach actually).

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So I had the basic idea of how it worked.

But I was convinced this was the way I was going to get started making money online.

So, fast forward nearly 2 years later and I’ve well and truly quit my job and earn a pretty decent income from my library of books online.

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It took a lot of work but it was a pretty amazing experience to walk out of my job with my own little business that I was working on, on the side.

So I decided from there on, that it was my mission to help other people do the same.

To get people out of their soul-sucking jobs to pursue things that matter to them, whether that’s through kindle publishing, other ways to make money online, life transformations or being able to travel more.

Once you can make money from your computer, the world becomes a lot more exciting because as long as you have some internet, then you can make money.

To me, that’s incredibly exciting.


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about me

When I’m 90 I want to have tonnes of stories to be able to tell people.

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I want to have a bucket list that tells amazing stories.

And I can’t wait to see what develops.

So join me on this trip.

A trip of personal development, creating freedom, success, travel, adventure and helping others do the same.

Join the tribe and start living your life on purpose.

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A life lived how you want to live it.

A purposely designed lifestyle.

Let’s do it.


Wanna learn 4 ways you can start your first side hustle tomorrow? Click the image below to watch the FREE Job Freedom Game Plan Class ==>

about me

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Check Out My Book On Amazon!
Check Out My Book On Amazon!