2017 Goals: The Year To Grow…

26 Dec 2017 Goals: The Year To Grow…

2017 goals

A few years ago I had a friend ask me; “Why have goals?”

I nearly gagged.

Why on earth wouldn’t you have goals?

That’s what keeps us getting out of bed every morning. That’s what keeps us moving forward and achieving things. That’s what keeps a smile on your face and boredom away…

So yes you must have goals. You must make goals and you must work towards them.

2016 is about to end and a brand spanking new 2017 is about to be upon us…

2017 goals

I’ll be bringing in the new year from Tasmania this year… but not from just anywhere, hopefully we’ll be up at the top of the highest mountain in Tasmania; Mount Ossa! (See above).

Keep an eye on my Instagram and Youtube channel to see how this pans out 🙂

So 2016 was a huge learning year for me. (Check out my 2016 year in review here).

I learned so much, mostly about myself but also many different techniques and strategies to.

But for this brand new year I as usual have some big goals.

Although this year I am approaching things in a bit of a different way this year…

I’m no longer going to force myself to chase goals or things that I’m not passionate about.

I did that with a few projects in 2016 and whilst I may not have enjoyed every thing about them, they were all great learning experiences.

So I’m trying to work on only things I love, am passionate about and know will grow me and my businesses.

So below I’ve listed my goals for 2017.

I’ve listed my major goals first which are really the only important ones that I want to achieve.

Within each of these big goals I’ll list the mini goals that I need to achieve to make the bigger goals a reality!

So by doing it this way, you will also get an insight into how I plan to achieve these goals so that maybe you can copy the same strategies I use.

Watch the video of this post below or keep reading:

Big Goals for 2017

2017 goalsBuild Publishing Business to $10k+ profit per month by December 31st 2017


  • Publish more books
  • Add more systems and training
  • Hire more writers
  • Train virtual assistant
  • Get more email subscribers


Build The Lifestyle Compound and Freedom Lifestylers into an amazing community of like minded adventurepreneurs

2017 goals


  • Be everywhere – add new accounts – Another Instagram account, Maybe do a podcast
  • Build current channels – Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook (here and here), Linked In, Pinterest, Tumblr,
  • Utilise live video on Youtube and Facebook and now Instagram
  • Keep improving my vlogging
  • Create more systems for sharing and uploading content – hire virtual assistant
  • Get Facebook ads profitable – keep learning
  • Collabarate more – get interviewed on podcast, interview people, reach out for guest blog posts etc…


Go overseas and have some amazing adventures (Japan, Asia, Hawaii)

2017 goalsHow:

  • Plan in advance more adventures
  • Start an automatic bank transfer to pay for them
  • Get creative
  • Make more money


Have more adventures at home

2017 goalsHow:

  • Plan in advance
  • Make a bigger and better list (than I already have) of adventures that can be had in my own state and country


Other smaller goals for 2017:

  • Put out 3 vlogs a week
  • Be able to vlog with people around me!
  • Attract 3000 Youtube subscribers by end of 2017
  • Get to 20,000+ Instagram followers by end of 2017 and increase engagement
  • Create more systems for creating content
  • Build up second Instagram account for Freedom Lifestylers (Follow us here)
  • Build Freedom Lifestylers into an AWESOME community of BIG achievers
  • Build out Facebook group for Freedom Lifestylers (Join here)
  • Do a yearly retreat for Freedom Lifestylers – Thailand/Bali/
  • Go overseas – Japan, Hawaii, Asia
  • Be ripped year round – continue to experiment with different eating plans, workouts, workout splits and intermittent fasting
  • Have an amazing relationship
  • More adventures – one per week with my friends and more on the weekends
  • Continue getting more amazing and creative photos and video content
  • Film more mini videos – record footage all the time
  • Give 10%+ away to charities I care about or build a school
  • Work from different locations at least 3 times a week
  • Read a book every fortnight-month
  • Continue to learn more about personal development and our mind


So that’s my overall goals for 2017.

You can see that in some areas they are a little ambitious but I think that is the only way to make goals really.

Last year I had big goals but not a real distinct plan on how to make them a reality…

Whereas for 2017 I have plans, I have systems in place and I am more determined than ever!

Even if I fall shot of these goals, the biggest thing I will be proud of is THE PERSON I BECOME IN THE PROCESS.

This is super important.

I want to be the ultimate version of me.

My ultimate self.

That’s what I tell myself everyday.

2017 goals

What’s 2017 going to look like for you?

If you haven’t made goals yet, then I urge you right now to do so.

Go to your local coffee shop, order a coffee, take your laptop or pen and paper and spend a few hours going over what you want to achieve in 2017.

In fact, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is, and I’d love to help you out.

If you’re the first person to reply to me (contact me here), then I will personally help you out with your goals, goal setting AND keeping you accountable throughout 2017… for FREE, no strings attached.

Yep I want to help you out and I want you to have success.

So if you want some FREE mentoring throughout 2017, contact me, tell me your goals for 2017 and let me help you smash it!

I hope this post has inspired you to go write your goals for 2017.

Get excited about them, put a solid plan in action to achieve them and get ready.

Because 2017 is going to be awesome 🙂



2017 goals

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