My 2016 Review: S#%t Year Or Best Yet?

19 Dec My 2016 Review: S#%t Year Or Best Yet?

2016 reviewI can hear the whirring of the McDonalds machines making food and coffee as I sit here in my booth at 6am, sipping a long black (less calories don’t you know), having just done my morning workout…

Just in this very moment I have achieved a very special goal for me.

A goal of achieving freedom.

Freedom to be where I want, when I want, doing what I want…

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

So every year you may know that I do a review of my year here on the blog and this post is my 2016 review…

(You can check out 2014 here and 2015 here if you want).

This is an amazing exercise which I highly recommend you do.

It’s such a great feeling going over everything that happened during the year, breaking it down and assessing it.

And I realised I learned SOOO MUCH this year.

Things have changed.

I have changed.

My way of thinking has changed.

It’s honestly been an incredible year and every year keeps on getting better 🙂

I feel this year I have matured a lot and am enjoying life even more than I was before…

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pinpoint it in this post but hopefully I can.

So for this year I am going to break down this post into several different categories so feel free to skip to the ones you want to see the most.

Watch the video of my 2016 review below or keep reading the blog post:

Here they are:

Goals I set out at the start of this year (and how I went)

Bucket list items achieved

Great moments of the year

Business achievements

Things I didn’t do so well at

Things I did do well

Things I learned


Goals I set out at the start of this year (and how I went)

Ok so at the start of this year I set out some pretty ambitious goals (which I think is very important).

Some I achieved, a lot I didn’t but a LOT was learned.

2016 review

Great place to do a vlog…

Put out a vlog twice a week

Ok, so for this goal I think I can say that I’ve achieved it.

Not every week have I put out two vlogs a week, some I have only done 1 but on a lot of the other weeks I’ve put 3-4 so overall I have over-achieved on this one.

My actual goal for this was to create and publish 102 vlogs by the end of the year and by the end of this year I will have put out 127!

So a great result on this one.

I’ve really enjoyed progressing with my vlogging to.

The learning curve has been steep and I feel I’m getting better every single time!

This is now one of my favourite parts of my business and life.

I’m looking forward to absolutely smashing this in 2017 and break through a few of my other fears with vlogging (like vlogging with people around me!)


Build out my brand massively

The Lifestyle Compound brand that is.

I guess when I look at this goal it is kind of a loose ended goal…

I mean, what is massive? I should have set different parameters for this…

But for this goal I would say I definitely grew the brand but NOT massively.

Although it was massive compared to the previous years…

So lets say this one was not achieved.

This I believe is due to a loose ended goal and not focusing on it enough.


Reach 25,000 Followers on Instagram

2016 review

Beautiful place to answer some email…

Well this definitely didn’t happen but it was definitely not due to a lack of effort on my part.

I LOVE Instagram!

It’s become one of my favourite social media channels and I really love making my ‘feed’ look like my own piece of ‘art’…

I really enjoy trying to take cool and interesting photos and this is always a constant work of improvement…

Definitely another awesome part of my business.

Anyway so how many followers have I achieved?

As of this writing I now have 10,300 followers which is a pretty awesome result I think.

The biggest reason I believe that I didn’t get to 25k followers is the big change that Instagram made to their algorithm at the start of the year.

But considering I started the year at 5000 followers I feel I’ve made massive leaps ahead…

And it’s really only the last 2 months or so that I’ve REALLY started taking Instagram seriously and making a HUGE effort with it.

Again, I love the content creation part of my brand 🙂

Check out my Instagram here.


Build Businesses to $20k profit a month

Ok so I definitely didn’t achieve this one.

This year I grew a lot but my income didn’t grow all that massively.

It’s grown but I sort of jumped around a little bit doing different things…

BUT, I have learned so much about myself this year that I am so excited for the next 12 months!

It’s only the last few months that things are starting to snowball a little with my publishing business and now my personal brand; The Lifestyle Compound.

So like I said, I know with everything that has happened and what I’ve learned that this next 12 months is going to be amazing. I can feel it…

Each year for me is definitely growing massively on the previous year…

I also started and quit a few businesses. At the time I sort of felt like a failure when I did this but then I realised that it’s the best thing to do when I don’t have the passion for them.

So that’s actually been a really key point for me this year; do only what I’m at least a little passionate about and really focus on my most passionate projects.

Check out the upcoming post on my goals for 2017 to see how I’m growing all this in hopefully a big way.


Move House

2016 review

The rooftop of my new apartment building

This goal was achieved! And in an amazing way.

I moved from my place in North Lakes, Brisbane to Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast.

This has been an absolutely amazing move 🙂

I moved into an amazing beach view apartment that has been a place that I’ve dreamed of living in for years…

Check out the vlog I did here of the new place I moved into.


Have an Adventure Once a Week

2016 review

Kayaking our local river

I think I can say that I have achieved this goal.

Of course it all depends on what your definition of an adventure is.

For me, everything in life is an adventure so it’s easy to have one every day!

But as of the last few months my friend and I make sure to have an adventure during each week.

Whether it’s hiking, a water park, climbing a mountain, road trips, exploring, kayaking, etc etc, it’s always something we look forward to doing each week.

Not to mention that I also try to make sure that I have an adventure on the weekend to, which I also try to integrate with doing some vlogs.

Win win.

Check out my video here of how to integrate more adventures into your everyday life.


Take a Picture of Myself Every Day for a Year

2016 review

Exploring Mount Cooroora…

Ok so this one I didn’t achieve.

I was going strong for the first few months of the year but then fell off doing it…

The funny thing is now that Instagram stories have started, I find myself taking a lot of selfies on there, so I guess you could say I have come close to this.

Obviously this goal I’m not too worried about not achieving but with all the extra social media I do now, then you are going to see a WHOLE LOT MORE OF MY FACE AROUND!


Travel to Vegas USA

This was not achieved.

I was trying hard to make it but things just didn’t work out for me at the time.

I was hoping to get here to make a mastermind groups event that I’m a member of but I just didn’t make it…

I heard it was amazing and I’m hoping I can make it to next years one.

Other Smaller Goals for 2016:

Learn to type properly – I’d say I’m getting closer to this one. Not achieved yet, but closer!

Start my own Facebook Group – Achieved! Join the Freedom Lifestyle AdventurePreneur Facebook group here.

Make my own name branding page – Not achieved. Not to worried about this one. Can be done at a later date.

Add and tweak my morning ritual Always doing this so I can say achieved on this one.

Work away from home at least twice a week – I’d say achieved on this one to. I mean right now I’m working from McDonalds. Last week I was working from a resort hotel pool. (Take a look at it here).

Socialise more – I’d say this is neutral. Made a little progress with this by joining and meeting up with a few people but definitely need to work on this more.


Bucket List Items Achieved

So at first glance when I went through my list here, I thought I didn’t really tick many things off my list.

But then I realised that a lot of the things that I did achieve for the year weren’t necessarily on my bucket list.

But I really grew as a person massively…

Plus I didn’t update it as much as I should have either so that’s something I will have to take a look at.


Great moments of the year

Reading Bob Proctors book; You Were Born Rich

This book was a real eye opener for me and I had many, many light bulb moments!

After reading this book I devoured all of his Youtube videos too.

If you haven’t checked him out then do it now. I read this book while I was at an Air Bnb in Byron Bay and within about 10 pages I’d taken several pages of notes!


Releasing my flagship program Freedom Lifestylers

This has been a dream of mine for years.

I always wanted to have a program that helps people achieve an amazing lifestyle…and now I have that.

I’ve put a tonne of sweat, hours and passion into this so if you want to build up your own online income and start living the freedom adventure based lifestyle, then watch the free class below.

2016 review

Business achievements


Things I didn’t do so well at

  • Focusing on my core fan
  • Having more adventures early in the year
  • Breaking up my routine
  • Increasing actual income
  • Didn’t go overseas


Things I did do well

  • Getting better at vlogging
  • Had more adventures later in the year
  • Creating more content
  • Outsourcing my publishing business


Things I learned

  • To be myself and have fun every time I’m in front of the camera
  • To continue growing all the time – business and me
  • To have more fun and look at every opportunity as something to learn from
  • To integrate things into life more (my passions, food, fitness, relationships etc)
  • Kill things that I’m not passionate about
  • Facebook Ads
  • Be happy and live the life you want now
  • Incantations
  • Stuff from Bobs book

2016 review

So hopefully from this post you can see that I had a pretty cool year.

I’m definitely very stoked with how it went that’s for sure… but I’m even more stoked for how 2017 is going to look!

I hope that this kind of yearly post might inspire you to start making goals of your own.

And not just any goals, big, exciting goals that make you jump out of bed every single morning.

What’s your 2017 going to look like?


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