16 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

28 Nov 16 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

IMG_0482So I thought maybe it was time to give you all a little background on me, well more so a list of things you may not know about me. Only a handful of you guys know me personally so here goes…..

  1. When I was 12 I could play the piano quite well. I was even in a competition. Hard to imagine huh. I probably could have been a lot better but I just wasn’t passionate about it.
  2. I hate snakes. I know I’m all about facing your fears but It’s not just that I fear them (just a little), I just don’t like them.
  3. I’ve broken both my legs. In seperate accidents. Both on motorbikes. The first time wasn’t so bad apart from me and my sister having a head on on 2 motorbikes, she walked away, I got a broken leg and 2 broken bikes. Not to mention I hobbled around on that leg because the doctor said it was just a sprain only to find out 3 months later, after too much pain, that it was in fact broken ! Idiot.
  4. I used to be pretty good at archery. I was into it for several years before my teens, but then I started becoming interested in girls and it fell by the wayside…
  5. I grew up on a farm. Out in the sticks, well kind of, the closest town was 20 minutes away which for us as kids was forever away. Great place to grow up as a kid though.
  6. I love the smell of a book, new or old. I don’t know what it is but there’s just something about it. I’m sure a lot of people will agree with me on this one. Kindle books and the like are great and save space but sometimes a real book is all I need.
  7. I hate heights. And yes I have and will be facing this fear several times in the coming months, big time. The Plank walk on Mount Huashan which is a feeble 30cm wide plank bolted to the side of a cliff with a 1.5 km drop straight down. Don’t ask me how I’m going to do this but ever since I saw the pictures I thought to myself I have to do it. Plus bungee jumping (naked?), Mount Everest Base Camp will be pretty high I guess too and last year I skydived which was an awesome rush.
  8. I’m paranoid about losing things. So when I’m travelling I’ve always got my eye on my stuff which is kind of annoying because I probably don’t relax as much as I should but on the flip side I guess I don’t lose stuff too often. Touch wood.
  9. I’m shy and can be quite introverted sometimes. But it’s just depends on how I’m feeling that day, sometimes I can be really outgoing and love to socialise and other times I just need some alone time. I guess a lot of other people are like this too but I’m not one of those naturally outgoing people, I just need to work on it a bit harder than others.
  10. I cut my own hair. Most of the time. My sister is a hairdresser, and used to cut it but she now lives about a 2.5 hour plane ride away in Tasmania, so now because I’m so picky I just cut it myself. She gave me a quick crash course on how to cut my hair and away I went. I think eventually I’ll have to man up and see a hairdresser though, because it may resemble a rats nest sooner or later, or cough up for a flight to Tasmania…
  11. I’ve driven the same car for nearly ten years. I can’t believe I’ve had it so long, it’s not the prettiest thing around but it gets me from A to B and I don’t owe any money on it which is important to me. From what I can remember it’s never broken down on me, things have gone wrong, sure, but it’s never left me stranded somewhere, so I guess that’s something.
  12. I used to buy and sell cows when I was a kid. That’s probably when the entrepreneur in me started to realise I could make money doing this, after all Dad was. Well I used to buy them as calves and feed them for about 6 months and then sell them off for a profit. It worked well, although my Dad paid for all their food and other expenses so my profit margin definitely wouldn’t have looked as good had I had to pay for that stuff.
  13. I hate ticking clocks ! This one drives me crazy. If I stay over at a friend or family members house I have to take the batteries out of any clock that is in my vicinity. I just can’t stand it.
  14. I love the smell of a burning match. Can’t explain this one, I just like it, maybe because it makes me think of sitting around a camp fire or something.
  15. My diet mostly consists of chicken, rice and vegetables. Even here in Thailand, except here there is more oil and the servings are smaller. My friends will definitely agree with me on this one.
  16. I’m addicted to exercise. Mostly lifting weights, but also a lot more cardio now than I ever used to do, helps to keep the fat off from all the oil they use in the cooking here, but also keeps the heart healthy. If I go more than 2-3 days without some form of working out I go crazy and need to move my body.

So there you go, feel like you know me a little better ?

For a little bit of my background check out my about page here.

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Check Out My Book On Amazon!