How I Made $1000 in an Hour by Hitting a Few Buttons… (For Real)

24 Sep How I Made $1000 in an Hour by Hitting a Few Buttons… (For Real)

$1000 in an hour

$1000 in an hour from a laptop?

$1000 in an hour?


Yes it’s true that I made $1000 in an hour and honestly it was one of the easiest things to do.

This is not a joke, scam or some stupid way of making money either.

To do this I basically was able to ‘licence’ something that I already owned.

What was this something?

My Udemy training courses.

Watch the video below or read the blog post

If you know anything about me, then you’ll know that I have about 8 courses or so on Udemy where I teach anything from Kindle Publishing, Travel Hacking to Productivity Hacks…

Maybe that’s even how you found me.

$1000 in an hourBut a few months ago I was contacted by a fellow Udemy instructor that said she knew someone who was buying the rights of courses off instructors to feature on their own training platform.

A platform of their own that’s similar to Udemy.

I was intrigued, so she put me in contact with the owner and we swapped a few messages talking about how things operated.

I wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t be competing with me with my own course on Udemy (which they won’t).

So I still own the rights to my own course to put on Udemy or anywhere else I want.

Basically it’s a win/win situation and I haven’t been able to come with any negatives to it yet.

I can’t personally put my course on his site to sell and they want to own it on their own site so that they don’t have to create the courses themselves and then they have a course immediately.

Like I said, win/win.

So I sent him access to my courses to check out and let his team go over the content.

Around a week later he was keen to go ahead with the 4 courses I sent him.

So then he sent me some electronic forms to sign (which was incredibly easy and the best way to sign anything) and a Dropbox file to put all the files in.

Since I already had all the files in my own Dropbox it was just a simple matter of ticking the files they would need for each course and sending them off.

$1000 in an hourToo easy.

Now not all courses they are interested in, some of mine they didn’t want for whatever reason.

From what I heard they are after more lifestyle type courses.

So over all the emails back and forth and uploading the files, I’m pretty sure the whole process took around an hour or maybe even less.

So that’s a $1000USD for an hours work.

Not bad.

$1000 in an hour

You can have more adventures when you make more than you need… Location: Minutes away from Base Camp, Mount Everest

Now obviously these courses are something that I’ve already created so I can’t keep making money like this unless I keep producing courses (which is very time consuming).

But if you have your own course or courses (they don’t even have to be on Udemy) on various different platforms then you could potentially make some extra money from them.

Maybe you even have a course you’ve made that you haven’t made live.

Or maybe you have a course on a platform like Udemy but it doesn’t make any money.

Well this can be a great way to make some extra dollars from it.

$1000 in an hour

Working while playing…

Maybe you could even make $1000 in an hour to, who knows.

Since I sold those courses I’ve sold the rights to a few more as well to them, banking some more money.

And remember I still get to sell the courses anywhere else I want, including on my own blog if I want.

If you’re an instructor yourself and want to make some extra money from your courses then maybe this is something that you might want to try to.

You don’t have to teach on Udemy, it could be anywhere else you have your course hosted, but you may potentially be able to make some extra dollars for it to.

If you want to talk with this company and the guy who runs it, then contact me here and I’ll put you in touch with him.

You may be able to make some extra $$$ for not a whole lot extra work.

Anyway that’s how I recently made $1000 in an hour without a whole lot of sweat work.

I love making courses to, so honestly it’s a labour of love.

If you know something or possess a certain skill, then there is someone out there that wants to learn what you know.

Teach it to them and help other people grow while you do to.

To your life progress,


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