10 Things I’m Grateful For In My Life

03 Jun 10 Things I’m Grateful For In My Life

Alt='Things I'm Grateful For'Most of have pretty good lives wouldn’t you say? We live in reasonable stable economies, we have fresh food to buy every day, great medical care (usually) and every modern device known to man.

But sometimes it’s just the simple things I’m grateful for.

Well I always try to practise what I preach and be thankful for what I have. But I have to consciously think about it.

Here’s my top ten list of things I’m most grateful for.

1) Great Family

I really do have a great family that looks out for each other. We are spread far and wide over the east coast of Australia but when we all get together it is always an awesome occasion.

I treasure these moments and make sure to savour the moment as you never know how long it could be till the next one.

2) Motivation
Thankfully I was born with always having a lot of motivation for whatever I decide to have a go at. This has been great, because there are always tough times when motivation may waver.

It’s times like this when having the motivation to pull through really kicks in and keeps me going.

3) Good Health
I seem to be a pretty healthy dude. I don’t get too many colds or anything.

Alt='Things I'm Grateful For'But I do put in the extra effort of always cooking healthy food, taking vitamins and going to the gym 4-5 times a week to stay fit.

Obviously it helps that I love health and fitness.

4) A Full Head of Hair!

I think this is definitely one to be thankful for! I have a full head of hair now and I hope it stays that way.

My Dad still has a full head of hair and I hope that mine goes the same way!

5) Persistence

Kind of like motivation but keeping on when things get tough, even though it seems like your against all odds, is when mine kicks in.

Well usually. I still suffer from lack of persistence sometimes but I think it’s pretty strong and I hope it continues to stay like that.

6) A Roof Over My Head

We all need shelter and that’s something I have. I’m glad to have a roof over my head and food on the table.

Without it, well we would probably be dead or extremely miserable. Which brings me to the next point…

7) Income

I have an income which is great. It allows me to live and provide myself with the necessities of life.

Alt='Things I'm Grateful For'Some people don’t have the luxury of an income or one that just provides what they need to live. So I try to be thankful that even if my way of making an income isn’t my most preferred way of doing, I at least have an income.

8) Car and Motorbike

I have both which is pretty good. They are both old and are not that amazing to ride in or on but I have a mode of transport.

Which again, a lot of people don’t have. So I try to make sure that I know that when one of them breaks down!

9) Saving

Something I got from my Mum is that I’m a pretty good saver. Which doesn’t mean I don’t go out or ever do anything, actually it’s quite the opposite, I just find more thrifty ways of doing things.

It also helps that I’m a bit of a minimalist 🙂

10) Relative Freedom

Alt='Things I'm Grateful For'We kind of all have this to a varying degree. But If we wanted to (had the money and the means) we could go out on the weekends, dress how we want to, travel where we’d like, talk to who we want, start a business, whatever, we really do have it pretty good.

I’m talking about Australia here so obviously it can be different depending on where you live.

We all have choices. Make them.

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